Historic Windmill & Stone Cistern

The Serene Hills Windmill & Cistern is one of Lakeway's most significant historic structures.

This old windmill is an easily recognized symbol of the area's ranching heritage. The windmill here was manufacturered by Aermotor Manufacturing of Chicago, Illinois; this company manufacturered most of the windmills utilized on ranches in the US. 

Even more historically significant is the stone cistern with plastered interior walls to prevent leakage. Early settlers would have difficulty shipping a metal cistern to the frontier. The settlers typically burned the readily available limestone to make quicklime which when mixed with water became plaster. The plaster was used to bind the stones together and to seal the porous limestone rocks used in the construction of the cistern.

Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!