The Golden Years!

In 1991, thanks to the initiative, creativity, & imagination of City volunteers, the land for City Park was purchased for $375,000. At the time many critics deemed this amount outlandish; yet the purchase price would later prove to be the steal of a lifetime by the city. City Park marked the beginning of the Golden Age in park and recreation development in Lakeway! 

​The acquisition of City Park was a major milestone in Lakeway's history. After the success of the City Park initiative, citizens now realized that they didn't need the developer any longer for improvements to their quality of life. The development of Lakeway’s parks and recreation facilities began to flourish thanks to the work & initiative of citizen volunteers.  Milestones included:

  • Planning the development of City Park.
  • Acquisition of Hamilton Greenbelts, Dragon & Porpoise Parks from LCC  
  • Hamilton Greenbelt I & II connection        
  • Smith Greenbelt Donation
  • Building of Primitive-Nature Trails in Smith & Hamilton Greenbelts
  • Activity Center Bond Election, Planning & Building
  • Christmas Trail of Lights at City Hall
  • Construction of the Activity Center Arbor
  • Swim Center Bond Election; Planning, Development, & Construction
  • Canyonlands Donation; Trail & Bridge Building
  • $1,000,000 in grants for Development of City Park, Swim Center, & Trails
  • Establishment of the City Arts Committee and City Arts Programs
  • Lakeway Blvd West Trails
  • Acquisition of Live Oak Tennis Courts
  • Skateboard Park
  • Mt Lakeway Primitive-Nature Trails
  • Removal of the private boat docks on City owned Rebel and Sailfish Parks

All of the above improvements to the Quality of Life in Lakeway was due to the initiative of Citizen Volunteers! 

The End of the Golden Years of Park & Recreation Development

As the City expanded due to the rapid economic growth in the Austin Metropolitan area, the city staff necessarily grew in the City of Lakeway to handle the rapid growth in the City. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy also grew which stifled volunteer initiative and the continued expansion of parks and recreation facilities in the city. Sadly, the Mayor disbanded the Parks & Recreation Commission in circa 2012, in the years since neither the City Council nor the City staff have done anything to seek citizen input regarding parks and recreation initiatives; The Golden Years ended! Unfortunately, citizen involvement and initiative is needed now more than ever to meet the ever expanding growth in the City!

Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!