April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Smith Greenbelt

Smith Greenbelt is similar to the Smith Greenbelt, located immediately upstream from Hamilton Greenbelt II on Hurst Creek. Smith Greenbelt serves as an important link connecting Hamilton Greenbelts I & II with the Lakeway Boulevard Trail and the Canyonlands trails. Much smaller than the Hamilton Greenbelts, Smith Greenbelt offers it own unique personality. Like the Hamilton Greenbelts, Smith Greenbelts is replete with a waterfall and ferns. The creek bed is populated with many tall oaks and Cedar Elm, a Bald Cypress, and a Palmetto Palm tree. The western edge of the greenbelt features a high cliff that can be accessed by a twisting concrete path.

Due to to a generous donation from Coleman and Mary Smith, the Smith Greenbelt opened in circa 1994.  Volunteers built a beautiful primitive nature trail along Hurst Creek connecting the eastern and western approaches to the Greenbelt.

While this Greenbelt is short, Hurst Creek is especially scenic in this stretch.

Access Points
The entrance off of Lohmans Crossing at Cross Creek (across from the Justice Center) leads to Hamilton Greenbelt I and the Smith Greenbelt via a concrete path beneath the Lohmans Crossing Bridge.  The western entrance off Lakeway Drive has no parking facilities.

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