Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

West of Mt Lakeway, the Serene Hills Preserve offers some of the best scenery with pristine native flora and grasses. The Serene Hills Preserve is transversed by a beautiful nature trail, much of which runs atop a ridge which offers spectacular views of TX 71 and the Bee Creek valley, hundreds of feet below. Further to the south, the Serene Hills Trail connects with the Bee Cave Primitive Trails. The interconnectivity of all these trails allows citizens of both cities to access more than 20 miles of nature trails from both communities. 

The Serene Hills Preserve offers many native wildflowers not seen elsewhere in Lakeway. Especially Daminanita, Mountain Pink, Gayfeather, and Missouri Primrose. In wet years, many spring and summer wildflowers bloom well into the fall. In late spring, the sweet smell of the Daminanita perfumes the air.

The most striking native plant in the Preserve is the Giant Madrone Tree near the connection of the Serene Hills Trail with the Mount Lakeway Trail.

In a remote drainage gully there are several small caves, one with flowstone overhanging the edge of the cave.

While Cedar infestation is a problem in this preserve, the infestation is less severe than other areas of Lakeway. Because of the remoteness and ruggedness of the terrain, this land retains a greater diversity of native species than other Lakeway area parks. 

In the southern area of the greenbelt, an old Windmill and Cistern from early ranching days can be found. This windmill and cistern is undisturbed in its original location, a rarity for many historic structures in the area. 

For reasons that are not clear, ownership of the Preserve has been deeded to WCID #17 as opposed to the City of Lakeway.  The southern extension of the preserve is still classified as a Greenbelt, still owned by the developer. The  future of the multiple greenbelts in the development is unclear. Because the southern extension of this park is still owned by the Serene Hills Developer, the future of this land as a park cannot be guaranteed. 

Serene Hills Preserve & Greenbelt