Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Sailfish & Rebel Parks

Sailfish & Rebel Parks are two small waterfront Lakeway parks in the oldest sections of Lakeway. These two parks are in fact the two oldest parks in Lakeway. Sadly these two waterfront parks were never developed; even more troublesome is that after the parks were deeded to the Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) by the Lakeway Company, the LCC began issuing private boat dock licences  to individual homeowners. Soon the coves within these parks were cluttered with unsightly boat docks, spoiling the natural beauty of the coves and parks. These boat docks clearly violated the deed restrictions placed on the property by the Lakeway Company. The guilty homeowners had no legal rights to the waterfront as their individual lots did not directly border the lake shoreline when the lake was full at the LCRA established "conservation level," much less when the lake level was lower. Clearly the parkland intervened between the homeowners property and the lake shoreline.

By law, deed restrictions can only be removed by the entity that attached the deed restrictions. As the Lakeway Company is now extinct, these deed restrictions can never be lifted or removed. Tragically years later after the LCC deeded these parks to the City of Lakeway, the city continued to issue these illegal boat dock permits. 

The practice of issuing the illegal boat dock permits to individual homeowners, in clear violation of the deed restrictions, continued by the City until 2003 when a brave City Council defying years of precedent declined to issue new permits. Over the next few years, individual homeowners again petitioned the city for renewals to their expired boat dock permits or for the issuance of new boat dock permits. Each time the City Council heard and refused such requests. Despite the denial of the requests for renewals and new permits the deed restrictions were never enforced and the existing boat docks remained without legal permits. 

The issue over the boat docks finally came to a head in 2012 when a group of homeowners convinced the City Council to sell parcels of the parkland adjacent to the homeowners lots for the paltry sum of $20,000 each. As the lands in the parks was valued by City staffers to be in excess of $5,000,000, this sale was a clearly a steal for the small group of homeowners and a great disadvantage to remaining citizens of Lakeway. Even worst the remaining portion of the parks would become worthless without the waterfront parcels. Fortunately the sale of the parkland required approval by the voters of the City; angry voters rose up and soundly rejected this sale. Finally the City's hand was forced and the City began enforcing the deed restrictions and thus forcing the removal of the remaining offending boat docks. Read the flyer sent out to warn voters about this illegal sale. This flyer is preserved in history to that if this ugly issue ever returns, the citizens will know how to defeat the offense to these nature parks.