Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Consists of two separate Greenbelts, identified as Lakeside and Canyon Greenbelts by the developer. Lakeside Greenbelt borders east and west sides of the Rough Hollow Arm of Lake Travis. Canyonside Greenbelt borders the west side of an unnamed arm of Lake Travis located between the Rough Hollow and Bee Creek Arms of Lake Travis. The Canyonside Greenbelt is not open at this time. The Lakeside Greenbelt has 1-2 mile trail with excellent views of Lake Travis and the Rough Hollow Arm; the trail is steep in several locations. However the natural features of the trail are exceptional, please review the photos on the accompanying web pages. Trailheads are available on Peninsula Way, Woodside Terrace, and Highlands Blvd. Parking is available at a off-street on Peninsula Way; street parking is available on Woodside Terrace. 

The Trail in the Lakeside Greenbelt connects with the Canyonlands Trails via an easement across MUD property. These trails then connect with Mt Lakeway Trail and the Lakeway Blvd Trail and the entire Lakeway-Bee Cave Trail network.

The photo below is of a Peninsula for which the Peninsula Section of the Highlands/Rough Hollow development is named. In this photo, the Lakeside Greenbelt appears on the left, just past the marina docks and the Canyonside Greenbelt appears on the right.

Rough Hollow Greenbelts: