April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Mt Lakeway

Mt Lakeway is not a park but a trail or passageway on a narrow strip of land or easement granted by the Rough Hollow/Highlands developer. Facilities or other park-like improvements are limited to nature trails only. 

Phase I of the Mt Lakeway Trail Loop is approximately two (2) miles in length and is an extension of the Canyonlands Trail network. Mt Lakeway is the highest point in the City of Lakeway on public land; the hilly area to the Southwest of Mt Lakeway is the only point of higher elevation within the City limits, however this area is on privately held land. Mt Lakeway can be viewed from Highlands Blvd. Before and after crossing the Rough Hollow Bridge; the mountain appears to the southwest of the bridge and is distinguishable by the high lines that cross the peak of the mountain.

To hike or mountain bicycle the Mt Lakeway trail, begin at the Canyonlands Trailhead. After reaching the opposite or southwest side of the Canyon, travelling north along the opposite rim will bring the trail user to the start of the Mt. Lakeway Trail. While this trail has a few steep sections, the grade of the trail is slight in most areas. The elevation gain from the bottom of the Canyonlands to the top of Mt Lakeway is 400 feet. No trail in Central Texas has greater elevation gain, Enchanted Rock and Lost Maples State Parks have trails with similar elevation gain. In Texas, only Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Parks have trails of greater elevation gain. When hiking this trail, appropriate hiking shoes and carrying sufficient water are recommended. If hiking the entire Canyonlands trail system and the Mt Lakeway spur trail, plan on carrying water for a three (3) hour hike. The amount of water carried will depend on the outside temperature at the time of the hike. Hikers and bicyclists should also be cautious of each other on this narrow trail.

Upon reaching the top of Mt. Lakeway, the trail user is treated to magnificent views in every direction. In most directions there are views for 20 miles. On the far side of Mt Lakeway, portions of highway TX 71 can be seen. Along the way to the top, the trail passes through a beautiful Madrone forest. While the trail continues southwestward down the back side of the Mountain, the user should be forewarned that at present the trail ends at the bottom of the backside of the mountain and the hiker or bicyclist will need to climb back up the top of the Mountain to return to the trailhead.

Continuing west from the peak Mt Lakeway, the trail eventually connects with the Serene Hills Trail which offers spectacular views of TX 71 and the Bee Creek valley. The Mt Lakeway property is abundant with Texas Madrone Trees.

Long range plans call for completion of a five (5) mile trail loop. When completed, the loop will return to the Canyonlands Trails via the western arm of Rough Hollow Canyon. On the return section of the loop, the trail will weave along the canyon floor among several mountain peaks, including Mt Lakeway. Looking up at Mt Lakeway from the canyon will remind the trail user of the vertical distance just climbed. 

The Mt Lakeway Trail and the Canyonlands Trails were built and are maintained by volunteer citizens of Lakeway and the surrounding Lake Travis area; these same volunteers also built the trails and bridges in the Canyonlands.

The Mt Lakeway trail is due to the generous donation of an easement strip of land by the Rough Hollow/Highlands Developer. Please do not stray from the trail as one will trespass onto private property.

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