April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Hurst Creek - Blue Hole Paddling Trail

The Hurst Creek - Blue Hole Paddling Trail is a water paddling trail versus the nature - hiking trails in the Lakeway Area. However this water trail is just as scenic as any of the nature - hiking trails in the area. This water trail begins at Lakeway City Park and follows Hurst Creek upstream to the Blue Hole, described in another page elsewhere in this website. Hurst Creek is bordered on both sides by Lakeway City Park, Hamilton Greenbelt II, or a private park for most of the distance of the trail; all this bordering park land, ensures that this water trail will maintain its natural setting in perpetuity. The water trail starts by circumnavigating the Isle at City Park and then following the inundated waters of Hurst Creek upstream; this trail is best enjoyed when the lake is full or near full. The trail first travels south and then turns west under a very scenic large cliff. Above the cliff is the Overlook, with its panoramic views of Hurst Creek and Hamilton Greenbelt II,  described elsewhere in this website. In the evening hours, the reflections of the water on to the white limestone cliff create a surreal scene. The water trail then passes the confluence of Yaupon Creek with Hurst Creek before continuing west toward the Blue Hole.

Along the shores are abundant wild water fowl, including the spectacular Great Blue Herons. In the spring, Hurst Creeks teems with jumping bass.

Kayaks, canoes, and other non-motorized watercraft are easily launched at Lakeway City Park for access to this water trail. Total round trip distance of the trail is approximately 2.7 miles. Additional distance can be attained by paddling north from Lakeway City Park toward the confluence of Hurst Creek with Lake Travis, however this area is more developed and less scenic. Hurst Creek is also more open to the north, less protected from high waves, with considerable powerboat traffic.

Looking West from bend in Hurst Creek

Looking South from the Point in City Park

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