Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!

Future Development of Sailfish & Rebel Parks

Both Sailfish & Rebel Parks are replete with scenic beauty including streams, waterfalls, and breathtaking waterfront lake visas. 

Rebel Park is easily accessed from Corinthian Drive near the intersection of Corinthian and Dolphin. There is also access from Cutlass, however the terrain is steep at this location. The entrance on Corinthian starts with modest terrain, as the lake is approached the terrain steepens. 

Sailfish Park is easily accessed from Sailfish, Wee Scott Cove, or Corinthian. Access from Sailfish at 135 Sunfish is especially desirable due to an old paved driveway from the old Water Plant at this location. At the lower end of the driveway an excellent waterfront lake vista can be seen.

While portions of both parks have steep terrains in some areas, especially near the waterfalls and the shoreline, most sections of the parks can be reached via primitive nature trails of no worse terrain than the trails in the Canyonlands. Indeed the homeowners who had traversed the parkland to reach their illegal boat docks had no problem installing stairs to reach their boat docks. The stairs were never too steep to access their illegal boat docks!

Because of the tremendous native beauty afforded in both parks, the city should make hast by installing nature trails and scenic lake overlooks in both of these parks. Trails to reach the water for swimming and fishing will require additional efforts, however these goals are not unattainable.

Indeed the fact that the second Deed Restriction was obtained March 28, 1989 that would allow the Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) and later the City of Lakeway to install trails, overlooks, and other park facilities without violating the original deed restrictions of December 9, 1974 offers proof that in history, the LCC and the city intended to improve and open the parks to the public.   

Click on the links below to view the scenic photos of these two parks.