Currently approximately 30% of the acreage of City Park is sparely utilized by the citizens. Most of the under utilization can be attributed to a lack of attractive or meaningful park features or attractions in the underutilized areas. The underutilized areas do not protect wildlife or threatened plants or habitat, therefore there is no compelling reasons not to improve the utilization of these areas. Indeed these areas could be easily developed to improved the utilization and help to enhance the park experience for the citizens. 

These underutilized areas consist of two sections, the largest section is located to the south or right of the entrance road as the road descends the hill toward the lake; the smaller section is to left of the entrance road as you first enter the park just past the bathrooms. 

Possible features for these areas include: 

  1. Botanical Garden & Trail with plantings of various flowering shrubs including: Redbuds, Mt Laurel, Purple Sage, Golden Leadball, Yaupon Holly, Tree Senna, Tall Yucca, Agave, Rough Leaf Dogwood, Hawthorn, Retama, Huisache, Anacacho Orchid, Desert Willow, Possumhaw, Texas Madrone, Fragrant Mimosa, etc.
  2. Sculpture Garden with contributions by local artists
  3. Children's Treasure Hunt similar to Lady Bird Wildflower Center
  4. Disk Golf Course*

         All of the above except for the *Disk Golf Course can be constructed with minimal effect on the existing trees.

Enhancing City Park

Lakeway, TX, USA: Parks & Trails

April 9, 2019

25 Year Anniversary of the opening of Lakeway City Park!